The Tipo 6 Pista has no BOP (Balance of Performance) limitation due to FIA-ACO regulations. An extreme car for great driving enjoyment, dedicated to gentlemen drivers who are looking for “the absolute”, but with safety standards that comply with the highest standards required by current regulations.

In the Tipo 6 Pista, every form follows function, and function is what everything is subordinated to spoilers, diffusers, air intakes… our aerodynamics experts have spent hours on every single gram of load, and our engine specialists whole days for every single HP.

A car like this must be tested directly on the circuit: only there it is truly possible to understand and enjoy the performance of the Tipo 6 Pista, to realize what a power-weight ratio of fewer than 1 means, accompanied by maniacal attention to detail and unimaginable road holding, which all make the importance of aerodynamics truly be known.
The Tipo 6 Pista is perfect for those who wish to live out the same feelings of a true driver on the circuit: created for those who crave the same adrenaline rush, and for those who believe that a second can be a whole lot of time.


The extreme level of the Tipo 6 Pista has led us to create a specific program dedicated to our customers, which allows them to fully experience their car, understand it thoroughly, and enjoy it until the last tenth of a second.

Only a privileged few can experience the thrill of driving a car almost identical to those approved for the WEC.

We will make this experience unique, partnering our customers with professional drivers capable of offering valuable advice: an exclusive proposal, between passion and adrenaline. IFM technicians will also assist Pilots-Customers in every phase of these Tests.

A turnkey service with case and car management, based on the concept of “arrive and drive”, to offer its owner a unique experience of pure enjoyment.

Tipo 6 LMH Pista